Sales and Commissions

Most of the smaller tapestries shown in the galleries here – the Eyes, the Knots and the smaller Figures – are for sale. The price depends on the complexity of the design and the type of frame or box, so please contact me for details if you are interested.

I am also very pleased to receive commissions for tapestries.

For example, I have woven Eye tapestries for several of my friends, showing their cats, and am currently setting up a loom for three complete cat portraits. I love weaving animals with distinctive patterning.

The Knots make attractive and unusual miniature sculptures, and the technique can be extended to create other three-dimensional designs such as monograms or intertwined initials for weddings or anniversaries.

I am also interested in undertaking full-size portraits of people wearing interesting clothes and accessories, like those in the Figures gallery.

Please approach me with your ideas ……..