Over the years I have taken part in a number of exhibitions, including:

Australian Miniature Textiles – Sydney

Contemporary British Tapestry – University of East Anglia

Tapestry: His and Hers – Tweeddale Museum, Peebles

The Scottish Show – Lausanne, Switzerland

Weaving Within – British Tapestry Group, Stirling

The Inventors of Tradition – Glasgow, London, Brussels, Berlin, New York

Vive la Tapisserie 2 – French Institute, Edinburgh

STAR* – Galerie La Tour, Montsalès, France

Town-Gown Conflict – Kunsthalle, Zurich, Switzerland

Four Voices – Tweeddale Museum, Peebles

Decorum – Tapis et Tapisseries d'Artistes - Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

Metamorphosis – British Tapestry Group, Sedbergh and Hawick