About the Artist

My first experience of tapestry weaving was in an evening class soon after I left school, and a lifelong love was born.

A little later I took a job as an assistant at the famous Dovecot Studio in Edinburgh (although not as a weaver) and was able to observe professional weavers at their work, which further stimulated my enthusiasm.

I then studied for three years at Edinburgh College of Art (with an interruption for the birth of my second child) and chose weaving as my final-year speciality.

In 1980 I was invited by the Victoria Tapestry Workshop in Melbourne, Australia to assist them in completing a large-scale tapestry that was running late. This was a heraldic design showing the arms of the States of Australia which now hangs in the High Court in Canberra.

For the next twenty years while bringing up the children I worked as an art teacher at James Gillespie’s High School in Edinburgh, which allowed very limited time for weaving.

But in the last few years, since retiring from teaching, I have at last been able to devote myself full-time to weaving, and have taken part in nine exhibitions in that time.